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Mrs. Meyers

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Mrs. Meyer’s makes honest, hardworking cleaners that work like dickens on dirt. Remember, keeping clean is easy. All you need is a sensible pair of shoes, a little elbow grease. and the right soap. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning supplies makes cleaning your home fresh, fun, and fragrant. All of our cleaning supplies are made with natural oils, are biodegradable and phosphate-free, and we never test on animals. Whether you use our All Purpose Cleaner (good for just about everything) our Dish Soap (cuts grease like nobody’s business), or any of our other cleaning supplies, you’ll find our products are good for your house, your nose, and the environment. Coming in 5 unique scents that are clean and refreshing: Basil, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Geranium, and Baby Blossom.

Basil – With all the chores that need doing, a bit of extra energy is certainly nice. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day BASIL COLLECTION has top notes of basil, apricot leaves, parsley, and eucalyptus, making our newest scent cool and crisp. The basil herb is known for its uncanny ability to ease the nerves and perk up the senses- what a handy combination! Don’t you just love an herb that works as hard as you do?

Lavender – For years, the herb Lavender has been cherished for its wonderful relaxing scent that’s soothing, tranquilizing, and believed to relieve fatigue. We added essential oils of Lavender and Orange to give Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day LAVENDER PRODUCTS a burst of fresh fragrance and natural cleaning power. And of course, all of our Lavender Products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Lemon Verbena – For just about as long as we can remember, the herbs in the Citrus family have long been valued for their wonderful light scent that’s refreshing, invigorating and uplifting. You’ll find a garden of essential oils in Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day LEMON VERBENA SCENT like Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Clover, Geranium and Fir Needle. We blended all these together for a cheerful light scent – yet they work like a burly sailor.

Geranium – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Geranium Products are one of a kind. Oh so pleasing to the eyes on bright summer days, geraniums are said to uplift and soothe the mind with their refreshing floral scent. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day GERANIUM PRODUCTS give you peace of mind while you clean, and as always, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Baby Blossom – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day BABY PRODUCTS are a unique line of personal care and laundry items specially formulated for the LITTLE ONES. Organic essential oils provide a refreshing, gentle fragrance. Dermatologist-tested to be pure and gentle.



To OUR CUSTOMERS OF Ace Hardware – Big Sky

As we have continuously stated, the health and safety of our crew and customers is paramount and our foremost concern as we continue to serve Big Sky as an essential business to address the needs of those in the community. We continue to provide an environment that promotes just that. With hourly cleaning, recommended use of gloves, request for credit card payments, curb-side delivery, use of masks for those who choose and most recently- installing plexiglass at POS, we are securing the store. We closely monitor media reports of this virus and comply with all CDC recommended precautions.

With the tireless efforts and commitment of our staff to service, we believe that Ace continues to be the Place with the helpful hardware folk. We stand behind this motto and believe we are still undeniably the best ever. Without the help of our crew, we could not go forward in meeting the needs of those around us. With that premise, we are aware growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus and heightened anxiety and stress. As such, we are making the following adjustment to our store hours:

These are temporary hours ONLY and we look forward to returning to our normal schedule upon resolve of the virus and restrictions of the Government. Please note- we are voluntarily implementing these changes. We are not reacting out of need or fear, but proactively taking this step to meet the demands of being an “Essential Business” while balancing our staff concerns and government social distancing and stay at home protocols and schedules.

Click Here to download a PDF regarding COVID-19